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26th-Jun-2011 10:56 pm - Hold The Line
nothorse: (Default)
Title: Hold the Line
Author: [personal profile] nothorse
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 100
Prompt: technical difficulties for [profile] open_on_sunday
Character: Faith
Spoilers: None. Imaginary post Chosen
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money.

I couldn't resist playing Open On Sunday again.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties, please hold the line"

"I've been holding the fucking line for seven, grrk, eight Kzarks now and there's still a few dozen to go and if you don't want the whole swarm to come through, you'll fix this and get me reinforcements pronto."

"We are experiencing technical difficulties, please hold the line"

"Effin' earbud. Can't even hang up with all hands occupied. I need those reinforcements now, goddamnit."

"We are experiencing technical diffi– Hey Faith, where's the fire?"

"Right here, right now. Big guns. Now!"

"Homing in and coming in two. Can you hold on?"
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