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10th-Jun-2009 11:11 am - Gleeful!
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I've been nominated at the White Knight Awards.

That is, I have been nominated in the "New Author" Category, which will be more filled by the time nominations end, I hope.

And When Xander Harris was a Girl... has been nominated in two categories:

"Crazy Whirlygig of Fun" (Best Comedy) and "I Like the Quiet" (Best Focus on Xander) and I'm in fantastic company in both of these categories.

Thus: Gleeful!
24th-Apr-2009 09:55 am - Dreamwidth, huh?
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So I'm on dreamwidth, imported my lj and am trying things out.

I'm also crossposting this to lj and dw. Let's see how that works out.

Oh and it's http://nothorse.dreamwidth.org/
26th-Feb-2009 09:57 am - Cursing
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Just read Things Fanfic Must Stop Doing -- Rant #8 on expletives, and it made me think.

I do curse a lot normally, but in another language, so I have to think about which curse is appropriate where -- which is in itself an interesting challenge.

Currently I'm also writing a series of Dead Like Me drabbles and there it's really hard, because "fuck" is probably the most uttered word on that show (with the possible exception of "Mason"). The challenge is to find the right amount of "fuck" for Dawn, who -- of course as a Buffy character -- doesn't usually curse.

So where should I place the tone of the drabbles?
26th-Nov-2008 05:47 pm - grmpph
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No idea for [livejournal.com profile] open_on_sunday yet. Only shreds for the tth ficathon. meh.
23rd-Oct-2008 10:54 am - On Drabbling
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The last time I was actively writing more than what the job demanded, was in 2000/2001. After that, I was running on empty. A spot of blogging here and there, but no fiction writing at all. Until I started a few weeks ago with the drabbling.

I consider drabbles to be physical therapy for writing. Sometimes painful baby steps along a handrail, but if done consistently and with enough willpower, they may someday lead to full mobility of the affected limb. Currently I consider myself to be in the early stages and will thus not even attempt to write anything longer, because I know it won't work. Yet. Maybe "yet". I'm pretty much giddy that I'm writing at all, and I really, really don't want to jinx that.

So if you're waiting for something longer from me, you might want to check in in a year or two. For now, I'll stick to making the [livejournal.com profile] open_on_sunday prompt every week. (And even that may fail, see last week.)
15th-Oct-2008 08:01 pm - No Fic Today.
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Unless Inspiration strikes very soon and suddenly, I'm defaulting on this week's [livejournal.com profile] open_on_sunday.

1st-Sep-2008 11:35 pm - It's getting old.
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Or probably was long before I started to read fanfiction. But could someone please take the damn Zeppo outside and shoot it?

Not that I don't like the episode. It's funny and serious and definitely one of the good ones. But the amount of abysmal fanfic it spawned is staggering and depressing.

On the other hand, it makes sorting through fic easier:

sh# if (´grep Zeppo fanfic.txt | wc´ lt 0) rm -rf fanfic.txt
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